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2013 Brigden Fair wins the ‘Fair of the Year’ award from World’s Finest Shows at their annual banquet, held in conjunction with the Ontario Fairs convention.


2000 A celebration kick-off for the first 150 years of the Moore Agricultural Society and the Township of Moore was completed with a spectacular fireworks display. Construction of ten portable bleachers was completed, in addition to the first stage of land improvements. To all the members, volunteers, past presidents, and …


1990 For the 140th year of celebration of the Moore Agricultural Society and the Brigden Fair 140 native trees were planted on the Fairground property and a commemorative medallion was designed. A workshop is built onto the south end of the existing Junior Building. Society member Alvin Wanner donated his …


1987 “Early Morning Down on the Farm” officially became the property of the Moore Agricultural Society. Nicknamed “THE PLOUGHMAN” he stands on guard at the original main gate of the Brigden Fair. The Society advanced into the modern technological era when it purchased its first computer. 1988 The new main …


1973 The Moore Agricultural Society applied for Class “A” status which required a minimum of ,000.00 in prize money. This classification was connected to federal grants known as Hays Classification. By the 1980’s no other fairs were allowed in. Also in 1973 the Brigden Fair was expanded to a three …


1950 Wednesday October 4th “100 Years of Progress”, “What a picture of agricultural development hangs on memory’s wall” – quotes from the 1950 edition of the fair book. At this time the Moore Agricultural Society applied for Class “B” status. This allowed the Society to apply for Federal Grant money. …


1949 Admission fee to the fair was 35 cents per adult and 35 cents per car to park. Today admission to the fair is .00 per adult, there is free parking on the fairgrounds, and elementary school age children are admitted free.


1915 The present site was purchased and over the years has grown to . Originally the fair was directed only towards the men with their livestock. Later crops were displayed and the ladies began to exhibit their domestic skills and share thier homemaking talents. Now many children also exhibit.