Brigden Fair


2013 Brigden Fair wins the ‘Fair of the Year’ award from World’s Finest Shows at their annual banquet, held in […]


2000 A celebration kick-off for the first 150 years of the Moore Agricultural Society and the Township of Moore was […]


1990 For the 140th year of celebration of the Moore Agricultural Society and the Brigden Fair 140 native trees were […]


1987 “Early Morning Down on the Farm” officially became the property of the Moore Agricultural Society. Nicknamed “THE PLOUGHMAN” he […]


1973 The Moore Agricultural Society applied for Class “A” status which required a minimum of ,000.00 in prize money. This […]


1950 Wednesday October 4th “100 Years of Progress”, “What a picture of agricultural development hangs on memory’s wall” – quotes […]


1915 The present site was purchased and over the years has grown to . Originally the fair was directed only […]