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Poultry shows cancelled at Brigden Fair 2022 due to biosecurity

Office of the Chief Veterinarian for Ontario (OCVO) September 23, 2022Vince BrennanOntario Association of Agricultural Dear Vince Brennan: The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has confirmed cases...
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Emma Ouellette named 2022-2023 Ambassador

Emma Ouellette, 2022-2023 Ambassador Emma is 18 years old and recently graduated from Wallaceburg High School. In September, she is attending Western University for Management...
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Looking for FairShare winner!

We are looking for the winner of the latest Early Bird Draw! Ticket number - E-5069088 Purchased by using one of the handheld machines....
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Capital projects and ongoing campaigns

Barn Quilt Design Competition (Complete)

Background Earlier in 2022, the Lambton Fairs Group applied for a Creative County Fund Grant. This grant allows for each of the 5 Lambton Fairs...
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Lambton Fairshare 50/50 (Active)

Brigden Fair is partnering with Brooke Alvinston and Petrolia & Enniskillen Agricultural Societies to bring you a "FairShare" 50/50 draw. This is a way that...
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2021 Homecraft Quilt Raffle (Complete)

Typically the majority of Homecraft Quilt Tickets are sold at events such as Jamborees, Brunches, Moore Craft Show and the Fair but with Covid Restrictions...
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2019 Homecraft Quilt Raffle (Complete)

Homecraft Quilt Raffle Tickets are now on sale. Tickets are available at various events at the fairgrounds throughout the year, including brunches and fair or...
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