IPM ’91 Scholarships

Lambton IPM 1991 Poster
Poster from the 1991 International Plowing Match in Lambton County

The legacy of Lambton County’s highly successful 1991 International Plowing Match (IPM) is continuing to help deserving students in Lambton County continue their post-secondary studies.

Lambton IPM ’91 Scholarship Committee Chairman Bill Bilton noted that the IPM local organizing committee was very proud agricultural community who worked so hard to make the 1991 IPM a success.

“The weather co-operated to provide excellent conditions before, during and after the match”

Scholarship Committee Chairman Bill Bilton

Bilton said through the various sources of revenue which included gate receipts, exhibit space rental and donations, a profit of well over $125,000 resulted.

“All those involved from the executive on down, were true volunteers,” he said, adding that none of them received any remuneration for their services which helped assure that the profit could be utilized for community purposes. Bryan Boyle, also a Lambton IPM ’91 committee member, noted that following the IPM the local committee decided that the money would be invested and only the interest be dispersed in the form of scholarships for deserving Lambton County students in their second year of post-secondary studies.

That way the legacy of the 1991 IPM can live on in perpetuity with these scholarships

To be eligible for the scholarship applicants must have completed one-year of post-secondary training or be enrolled in their second year of any college or university. Selection criteria is based 50 per cent on community involvement; 20 per cent on academic achievement; 20 per cent on financial need; and 10 per cent on discretionary need.

The annual deadline to apply is September 15, please contact Bryan Boyle for details: bryan@bryanboyle.ca

Scholarship Presentation

Scholarships will be presented in the Entertainment Tent at 1:15 P.M. on Saturday October 7th 2023.

Please note the office will be closed July 1st, July 18th and July 22nd