Emma Ouellette, 2022-2023

Emma Ouellette, 2022-2023 Brigden Fair Ambassador

Emma Ouellette was crowned the 2022-2023 Brigden Fair ambassador. Growing up, I have always admired these girls and what they represent. To even be given the opportunity to compete was an honour. Lots of tears were shed. After thousands of hours spent volunteering here, I absolutely cannot wait to represent the fair! The first thing I did after the competition was take off the dress, change into my blue jeans and start once again as a volunteer taking down the stage. Hats off to everyone and I’ll see you Thanksgiving weekend!

Ambassador Court, 2022-2023

Ambassador Court
L-R: Savanah DeNomme, Marissa Lester, Emma Ouellette (2022-2023 Brigden Fair Ambassador), Emma Wheeler, Tanis Degurse Photo by Metcalfe Photography

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