Carrie Dawson, 2010-2011

Carrie Dawson

Carrie Dawson has grown up in Brigden on a farm her whole life. She has just finished her last year at Wilfrid Laurier University studying Geography and Music and now will be attending her final year at Lambton College to continue her path in Human Resources Management.

Every free moment she gets in the summer she is out on her Sea-Doo jumping the waves! Along with the Water, Carrie has also been a lifeguard as well as participated on the Varsity Swim Team at University. We also see that Carrie is wearing big Work Boots and has a rake as she has been a Horticulture Technician for the past 3 years. With all this landscaping experience, she has the desire of maintaining and designing her own garden beds.

When Carrie is home relaxing she also loves playing her Instruments which include the violin, guitar and piano while singing her heart away with her other four sisters.

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