Brigden Fair Celebrates “25 Years of Agriculture in the Classroom”

Agriculture in the Classroom known as “A Little Bit of Country” will be presented as usual on Friday, October 13, 2013 by the Lambton Agricultural Commodities and Brigden Fair volunteers.

In 1988, the Moore Agricultural Society ‘Home of the Brigden Fair’ Board Directors Bob McGee, Dennis Robinson, Jackie South, Harold Thompson and secretary Muriel McCallum approached the Lambton County Board of Education suggesting that there be an educational day on the Friday of the fair, Thanksgiving Weekend. That year a pilot program ‘A Little Bit of Country’, was organized with Mona May Thompson as coordinator.

Six schools, twelve teachers and 250 students participated from Moore and Sombra Townships. Over the years many changes have taken place. The school board became the Lambton Kent Board of Education and the townships joined to become St. Clair Township. The program expanded to offer 33 centers from the original 18 and from the original 6 schools to 10 schools, 12 teachers to 43 teachers and 250 students to 888 students. Each year the program changes to meet the school curriculum in social studies, science, technology, health and physical education segments.

The program activities will start at 9:30 in the Coliseum area and there will be hands on activities in every fair building until 3:00 pm. This year will feature dairy, beef, eggs, sheep, horses, pigs, fruits and vegetables, honey, cereal crops and changing technology in machinery. It takes approximately 90 volunteers to present these hands on learning opportunities to our community.

The Ploughman’s Farmyard featuring the General Store will promote the agricultural commodities of Lambton County all weekend. Here many free activities are to available to entertain and educate participants of all ages.

October 13th is a Professional Development day for the Lambton Kent Board of Education and St Clair Catholic School Board, but we will continue our tradition of “Agriculture in the Classroom” to promote agriculture and its importance in our daily lives.

Please note that the office will be closed Thursday, June 13th & Monday, June 17th.