For the 140th year of celebration of the Moore Agricultural Society and the Brigden Fair 140 native trees were planted on the Fairground property and a commemorative medallion was designed.

A workshop is built onto the south end of the existing Junior Building. Society member Alvin Wanner donated his woodworking and repair tools for use by the society.

“The Poughman” left his home at the Brigden Fairgrounds and safely travelled to the site of the International Plowing Match which was held just west of Petrolia.

Long range planning was initiated and the development of a written “Mission Statement”. A plan to re-organize the office from one large room to a reception area, two offices, storage, and a work area was also put into place and accomplished.

A summer student was hired to assist the “Agriculture In The Classroom” program by producing an agricultural manual. A sidewalk to the Exhibition Hall from the office was built with benches to rest on the way. This was a year for rewards as one of our members received “Volunteer of the Year” recognition which was given out by the Canadian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions for initiating new programs. We also received “Fair of the Year” award at the Conklin’s Award Night.

The need for more accurate planning and accountability saw the development of a budget committee. Queenie also became the official office cat. At first she caught mice, then she graduated and started greeting visitors from her position on the front office counter.

The Exhibition Hall was expanded to accommodate larger washrooms, storage tables, chairs, and a bar. Space was also provided for Conklins in the paddock area for their tralers used for living accommodations and this allowed for more space on the midway for rides.

Brigden Fair is presented the “Anna Woodley Award” from Conklins. This award is for the best overall fair package and is an honour to achieve. Major electrical upgrades were always undertaken around the grounds.

More building improvements this year, with barn roofs being taken care of.