“Early Morning Down on the Farm” officially became the property of the Moore Agricultural Society. Nicknamed “THE PLOUGHMAN” he stands on guard at the original main gate of the Brigden Fair.

The Society advanced into the modern technological era when it purchased its first computer.

The new main gate off Courtright Line (Highway 80) was erected in recognition of the services of the pioneers who had the foresight to found the Moore Agricultural Society and to the members and volunteers who have perpetuated and promoted agriculture in our area and at the Brigden Fair since 1850.

Agriculture in the Classroom is introduced at Brigden Fair in partnership with the Lambton County Board of Education

Hosted the RCMP Musical Ride

John Ford Trucking spread the word about the Brigden Fair across Ontario with the Ploughman logo and the Brigden Fair being advertised on the sides of its transport trailers.

The Quonset building housed “BRAVO CANADA” a hands-on learning opportunity for visitors to learn more about some of the major environmental issues facing all Canadians.