Kayla Farr, 2016-2017

Kayla Farr
Kayla Farr, 2016-2017 Ambassador

Kayla was born and raised in Brigden until she was ten years old, and then her parents bought their farm in Wilkesport. It didn’t take long for her to realize that the farm is where she was meant to be, and that’s where she developed her love and passion for horses and farming. Year round she keeps busy at her job at Stewardson Dairy in Thedford feeding calves and milking cows and loving every minute of it. She is currently in 4H showing a heifer calf for Stewardson Dairy and having a blast.

Her spare time is spent on horseback either riding trails or finding competitions in team sorting, western speed events, cowboy challenges and jumping. Although she’s not competitive she loves a challenge, especially when her horses are her teammates. In the summer months, Kayla likes to relive memories of her grandfather in her vegetable garden. Her favourite time of year is fall when the weather starts cooling down so she can start avidly baking and can ride her horses in parades and of course attend the fall fairs.